The Farm Bureau founded the Penryn Fire Protection District September 1, 1924. Arthur Flint served as the first Fire Chief of the volunteer group.

In the early 1970's Placer County provided the first paid firefighters in the region through an agreement with the California Division of Forestry staffing the Penryn Station. In 1985 this agreement was dissolved. Concerned about losing it's paid coverage, the Loomis, Newcastle & Penryn Fire Districts joined together to form Tri District Fire through a JPA.
March 1, 1991 the Tri District was dissolved when the Loomis Fire District separated from the group. At this time the Penryn Fire District established it's first paid staff program. The Penryn Fire District continues to provide its services to the community through its paid and volunteer staff.





Penryn Fire Protection District Fire Chief’s
Aurthur S. Flint 1924-1930
Clarence Sanderson 1930-1940
Ed Pilz 1940-1953
Herb Perry 1953-1961
Bob Jacobson 1961-1965
Hershel Daugherty 1965-1965
Clarence Houseman 1965-1986
Bert Braun 1986-1994
Michael Davis 1994-2004
David Ebert 2004-2009
Mitch Higgins 2009-Current